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halloween concert [Friday
November 24th @ 7:45pm]

[ mood | bored ]

October 31, 2006

the concert was amazing.
i got horrible pictures
but i put up the best of them
sorry they're so blurry
but the camera i was using basically sucked
and sorry about the tags.
i would usually cause it really takes away from the picture
but i dont wanna get my pictures taken
im sure people understand that


December 6th @ 3:55pm]

[ mood | happy ]

i was fortunate enough to get to see the boys play 3 times this past week in ohio! i don't have a ton of pictures, but there are some good ones. also, i have pictures of the band The New Ending that toured with them, who are also awesome guys and an amazing band, you can check them out on myspace.

onto the pictures!Collapse )


September 2nd @ 12:18pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

I just got back from my speech class and I have some exciting news! My speech teacher,Ken Danielson, had Steve from Last Tuesday as a student! He had taught at Messiah, and that's where Steve has gone. I think he may have also ahd Chris as well....I wore my Last Tuesday shirt to class and he told me he knew who they were, and it so happy! Now I know I got an awesum teacher! LOl.... And I found otu that Last tuesday is going to Ireland b/c someone got a hold of "Resolve"a nd they booked them to paly, and they are paying all expenses for the guys! The guys are gonna stay in the....great-grandson (i think thats rite) of C.S. Lewis. How hot is that?! I'm just stoked right now! ~Aj


the champion ship + purple door [Monday
August 22nd @ 4:13am]

[ mood | tired ]

pictures!!Collapse )


Purple Door August 19-20 [Sunday
August 21st @ 9:34pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

AWESUMNESS! (oh yea, they played at 9:30 in the morning Saturday....)And that guy getting engaged on their set! Wow.... I liked this show better than wut I saw at the Spike, all the sound was better....and I wonder how the dance-off ended....I got my duct tape tie signed....I guess I really don't understand why someone wrote "Last tuesday sucks" on weird...anyway, i loved the show! I couldnt' move 2 much cuz I was in pain, but my my boyfriend and two friends tried to do some moshing.....Carl actually rememebred seeing my boyfriend, Jaron, at shows before...that was kewl....but yea, awesum show!


August 9th @ 8:52pm]

August 1st @ 1:32am]
wow. last tuesday sucks.

. [Saturday
July 30th @ 2:57am]

last tuesday photos from ohio and michiganCollapse )

cornerstone [Thursday
July 28th @ 9:39pm]


my lousy attempt at taking pictures of Last TuesdayCollapse )


Hey there... [Monday
July 4th @ 2:59pm]

[ mood | bored ]


Just wanted to say Happy Fourth of July!

Hope you are all having a lovely day!


June 17th @ 2:26am]

[ mood | sick ]

a couple of weeks ago i had a music show in my yard.
the switch, last tuesday, and movies with heroes played.. here's some pictures.
picturess.Collapse )


June 15th @ 3:19pm]

Chris yelled at me.
because I forgot and fell asleep during their CD release party.
I'm a horrible friend.

so yea...for those who went: how was it?


pictures.... [Sunday
June 12th @ 1:13pm]

check out:

go to "Last Tuesday Show" and "Trip to Pittsburgh". ... yeah.

(there are also portraits of myself + dreadies)

my turn! my turn! [Sunday
June 12th @ 3:00am]

19 years old. female. columbus, ohio area. love last tuesday, have known them about 2-3 years. (saw them for the first time at cornerstone in illinois). hmmmm...i will be (should be?) at the concert in PA at kennywood (on monday, june 13), if anyone else will be there? goooood times. (yes, driving 3 hours just to see those crazy guys, lol). hmmm...i too go to The Ohio State University, and will be a sophmore next year. i have dreads. i like to skank. i have my lip pierced. and some pics of LT but on another computer. (i'll see what i can do about getting those to you asap). hhmmmm...yep. i dunno what else to hi...!

June 12th @ 2:24am]

Hmm.. I'm bored. You're probably bored too.
So I thought that I would post some pictures from the many times I saw Last Tuesday...

Image hosted by
they rest are behind the cut..Collapse )

June 22nd [Saturday
June 11th @ 10:00pm]

If you live in Pa, near York, or are willing to drive there, come to the Last Tuesday show on the 22nd.

If you reply to this post and come to the show, or, come to the show and say you're from this community I will give you a brownie.
And you will of course have a funtastic time.


June 11th @ 5:18pm]

[ mood | amused ]

hey everyone,
just joined community. i was at this concert place in kentucky [it was called icthus] and i got to hang out with last tuesday. i hung out with them all day and then i went to the show. if my scanner wasn't broken i would pout the pics on here. did anyone else go to icthus in kentucky? if you did then i probably saw you there. tell me if you were there!!


New to the community [Saturday
June 11th @ 2:56pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hey guys! I am new here. My name is Savannah. I am 18 years old and will be in my second year at The Ohio State University next year.

I really like Last Tuesday. I need their new cd, but I am too poor. I will get it as soon as possible!!!! I just saw them about a month ago on the Everything Is Burning Tour with Kids In The Way, Spoken, and Staple. They are a bunch of really funny guys. I really enjoyed that show.

Well, I guess I will talk to all you cool kids later. If any of you want to add me go ahead, I love meeting new people. I also have a Myspace: God Bless!


June 10th @ 3:40pm]


Please promote!!

June 10th @ 4:59am]


What is your favorite song on "RESOLVE"?


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